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ProSeries understands that your pet is a member of your family, and we commit ourselves to making sure they eat like one. We are a family-owned manufacturer of high quality, fish and chicken based food for cats and dogs. All of our food is manufactured in Atlantic Canada using Human Food Quality standards to ensure your pet doesn’t have to eat anything you couldn’t eat.

ProSeries, we understand your demand for confidence in the safety and quality of the pet food you buy.  As pet owners, we feel the same way.
Our commitment is to provide you and your pets with peace of mind that our food is made with the highest levels of safety, quality and nutrition.  We design the formulas, order our own ingredients, and manufacturer all of the food ourselves, in our Fredericton, NB manufacturing plant.  After all, pets are members of our families, and what we feed them is often in our kitchens.

-    ProSeries is made with maximum food safety.  We use the same standards as human food manufacturers, to ensure maximum food safety.  All ingredients are tested as they arrive in our manufacturing facility

-    Nutrition is in our name.  At Corey Nutrition Company, each formula is developed to meet the specific nutritional requirements of cats and dogs.  We never tamper with ingredients or formulas.

-    Quality.  We have close relationships with our ingredients suppliers – and all raw ingredients are tested before they are mixed into your pet’s food.  And every load of food is tested before it is packaged and heads out the door to you.

On top of it all – we are Atlantic Canada’s only pet food manufacturer.  We use local ingredients as often as possible, including locally caught Herring.  Our balanced formulas will ensure your pet has superior skin and coat, a healthy heart, joints, bones, teeth and muscle development and maintenance.

See the difference… from the very first bag!

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